Tuesday, April 11, 2006

As Fate Decrees

AS FATE DECREES: A fantasy novel by Denysé M. Bridger

In an ancient world, the Fates decree that a Champion will soon be brought forth. A being both mortal and eternal, destined to become as legendary as the Gods to whom she will be forever enslaved. Of the twelve who rule on Mount Olympus, it is Ares, son of Zeus and Hera, God of War, who recognizes both the truth of the divination, and the one who has been chosen. In the slave markets of Athens, Ares finds his Champion and binds her to him. She is called Amarantha, and under the tutelage of the War God, she becomes a warrior with no equal. But she has yet to understand who her Master is, and what the Fates have woven as her destiny. And, Ares has yet to face another truth, that the heart of his chosen Champion and consort belongs to another—King Iphicles, the mortal twin of his half-brother Heracles. Thrown into a war that places her at the side of King Iphicles, Amarantha is unknowingly balancing the powerful forces of love and war. At the end of her battles, amid tragic loss and despair, she comes face to face with her Fate, and a choice must be made within the heartbeats that separate life and death. One the eve of a new millennium, as the year 1999 approaches its end, the Champion of Olympus is called forth by disciples of the Ancient Order of Zeus, and once again Amarantha must defend history and myth with her very life. But, as always, the Fates have patterned a complex image, one that traces its threads back to a mortal life so long forgotten it no longer seems real. Trapped in the modern world, Amarantha sees the soul of her beloved Iphicles in another man’s eyes, and the fulfillment of yet another prediction looms imminent. A prophetic foresight that may seal not only her Fate, but that of the Olympian Gods, and a madman determined to shape a new order of faith and vision that will dominate a planet and rewrite history…

COMING SOON from Hades Publications, Inc.

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  1. Hi there! This is Janice from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, the imprint of Hades Publications that will be publishing "As Fate Decrees". I just wanted to welcome you, and let you know how much I am looking forward to working with you and bringing this wonderful book to those who love good fantasy...

    If you love Greek Gods, and love good fantasy, then you will need to have "As Fate Decrees", in your collection.

    You definitely can now say on your bio page, that "As Fate Decrees" has found a home!

    Best wishes for all your successes.

    Janice Shoults
    Marketing Manager
    EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing


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