Monday, April 17, 2006

My “must read” list for romance lovers:

If you love romance novels that will leave you smiling and feeling good when you’re finished them, you really do need to read a wonderful novel called The Prince’s Virgin Wife by Lucy Monroe. It’s delightful, and such a joy to read. You’ll really find yourself cheering on her charming heroine. Lucy’s got an impressive catalogue of titles available, and she’s a terrific writer, so do check out her titles at:

If your tastes run more to erotica, the catalogue at Amber Quill Press contains an impressive array of titles and genres. When you visit the website, go directly to the Amber Heat catalogue and have a look around. Lots of award-winning authors and diverse titles to suit any taste are easily found there!

Are PIRATES your passion? Very cool stuff is available at: Including fanzines based on Pirates of the Caribbean, and original materials as well in a publication called Pirates’ Plunder. Have a good look around, the variety of things is really neat!

And, for anyone interested in reading tales based on your favorite television series’, you might want to have a peek at the catalogue that’s available at: There’s definitely something for everyone there!

VAMPIRES anyone? Three excellent sites are:, where you’ll find Barbara A. Custer’s novel advertised, as well as her anthology magazine Night To Dawn, which is published twice yearly. Also, friend and well-known vampire author Margaret Carter, who has a really nice site filled with interesting things. And, lastly, my good friend Nancy Baker, who is a best-selling author here in Canada! Her books are simply fabulous. To see what she’s doing, and to check out her novels, look in at

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  1. author and reader after my own heart. I love sharing good books with other readers, Denyse...I'm glad you do too and I'm honored to be listed amongst your recommendations. :)



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