Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New release and chat

The next release from Amber Quill is the final story needed to complete the ROGUES collection. This story, a mix of fantasy worlds and pirates, is called DAYNE and begins in the here and now, then moves into the realm of fantasy, spiced liberally with heated passion. The cover is like so many I've been honored to have on my work, a very striking image of a handsome hero, and the story begins:

It began several hundred years from now. Life conspires to take us where we are meant to be, even when we do not ourselves know the direction in which we are traveling. Thus it was that my uneventful existence began, and ended, with a single drop of blood, spilled unsuspectingly on a honed and gleaming pirate blade. In the now distant year of nineteen hundred ninety-nine, in the town of Avalon Inlet, somewhere in the hidden coastal regions of Northern Maine, I encountered the capricious Lady of Destiny. It is, even now, an incredible tale of adventure and, yes, of romance that is the stuff of dreams. My name is Elana, and if you will let me, I will tell you of my assignation with a magical and thrilling life forever altered by the whims of Fate.....

I hope you'll check out the story when it's available on June 1st, 2006. The paperback collection that will contain this one will be scheduled for later in the summer. My website should have an update when the times comes, and of course, I'll make the date announcement here as well!
Also, when the webmaster gets the updates done, and posts the new links, there will also be two new FREE stories, a short erotic Western, and a brief excerpt from my fantasy novel. Be sure to let me know what you think of them, okay? They should show up soon?!

Oh, and while we're talking about fantasy elements and stories, this is the invitation to a five-part series of tales that will all take place at a magical ball in Venice.

The Viscount Giovanni Colleoni invites you to attend a Midwinter’s Masquerade Ball to be held at The Palace of Dreams during the final weekend of January.
Travel tickets are enclosed. Upon your arrival in Venice, a carriage will attend you and transport you to the Palace.
R.S.V.P. via electronic post masquerade@palaceofdreams.ven

And so begins the trip of a lifetime for five people whose lives are about to change forever, including the chraming host of the ball. (Who just happens to look a lot like Lorenzo Lamas, by the way!)

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