Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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Among other things, I've got a whole catalogue of erotic romances available from Amber Quill Press. A company I've been working with for almost two years now, after winning a coveted spot on their exculsive roster in the 2004 Amber Heat Wave contest. Being a huge lover of the American West, it seems only right that the winning story was a romance set in the Old West, with a gorgeous Federal Marshal as the hero. And for those of you who love to "cast" the hero the way I do, think Brad Johnson with a little Michael Biehn and Viggo Mortensen through into the mix, just to keep things interesting. (The story is A SAFER HAVEN)
I've been having a lot of fun exploring genres during the past couple of years, and if you like your romance varied and with a lot of sizzle and heat, you will most definitely find something to suit your tastes in the AQP catalogue. My personal page is a pretty impressive mix of titles. Vampires, Contemporary stories, Adventure, Historicals, both pirate and Westerns, and there's fantasy as well.

A few of the contemporary tales are available as a paperback collection. It's called MAVERICKS. One of the titles was part of the collection that was nominated for an Eppie Award this year.
The newest paperback available is A WORLD IN DARKNESS, which includes four erotic vampire tales. One of them, THE HUNT, was a company Best-seller when it was first released last year. It's dark and dramatic. Lots of reviews for everything are on the websites. With the exception of those for the newest vampire story, set in Pompeii circa 79 AD. A couple of the reviews are:

4 Kisses: As noted, the setting of Whom Gods Have Favored is the book’s strongest selling point. The research is evident, and Bridger’s characters are comfortable in their world. Lucius is immediately a strong, sensual character and his desire leaps off the page. Xina, on the other hand, is a little less well defined. She is introduced as a strong, take no prisoners heroine but seems to undergo a personality change when she enters Lucius’s household. I wanted her to show him that spark, because he seemed like a man who finds it both maddening and desirable, but instead Xina retreats into typical slave-girl mode almost immediately. While this is probably more realistic, it was a little disappointing. The attraction between them feels genuine, however, and though the introduction of the paranormal element is only peripherally connected to the main characters until the epilogue, it provided an interesting resolution to the story.Reviewed by Melanie Hayden, Romance Divas

4 Stars: Set during the time when Rome ruled the world, Whom Gods Have Favored gives us a glimpse of what life would have been like had we live in Pompeii before Mt. Vesuvius destroyed all. Much as I hated reading about the enslavement of women and the helplessness that ensued, it was definitely a part of life and Ms. Bridger did an excellent job of bringing that to view. I found myself loving Lucius, despite the fact that he was a male that was used to getting whatever female he wanted. I felt for Xina, in the fact that even though she was born into a brothel and subjected to naked men, she was an innocent in the true ways of the male, and she was just trying to survive life as a slave. There is a unique twist that takes the story in a whole new direction, and made for an interesting read. The story was a good love story that spanned the ages.Stacey Landers, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Angels: Whom Gods Have Favored blends history, myth and fiction together to create a darkly sensual work of blood, lust, and death. Denyse M. Bridger will thrill and chill you with her apt capturing of the utter depravity of absolute power, even as she warms your heart with a tale of a passion that lasts eternally. I was sucked right into this story and it never let me go until the final word. Whom Gods Have Favored is the perfect blend of sex and power, made complete by a love that spans the ages.Reviewed by: Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

Not bad for a story I didn't even like much!! If you have any comments to offer, I'd love to hear 'em!

One of my on-going projects for Amber Quill is another Historical series. This one is set in Victorian London just after the Ripper murders. Inspector Michael Devane was part of that case, and being both a drug addict and a brilliant investigator has its problems. The first two cases take him back to Jack The Ripper and all the questions that remain to this day. The first book is called OUT OF HELL, and the immediate sequel is AN UNSPOKEN BETRAYAL. Both are due for release as electronic books, then as a paperback issue. Probably later this year. And, yes, there is an erotic element to the stories! Gotta have that romance, don't we?

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