Sunday, May 14, 2006

Good news & Bad news...

Okay, the most surprising bit of news to share is the ending of my contracts with Amber Quill Press. All the pending contracts, the books that have been listed for a long time as “Coming Soon”, have been cancelled. This decision was agreed to by both parties involved, and I feel it is very much in the best interests of my work and the company. So, the immediately affected titles are: 1-900-Surprise!, An Unspoken Betrayal, Dayne, Destiny Met, The Darkest Place, Shades of Death, Silent Death, Out Of Hell, Perdition, and The Domino Effect. I’m going to miss working with AQP, there are some really amazing people involved with this company. In particular, my wonderful editor Karin Story, who is not only a great editor, she’s an equally terrific person!

So, with regard to the above note, those books already available will gradually be taken from my AQP author page as the contracts expire on them. The first one due to return to me is A Safer Haven, which is a Western erotica. The story that won me my first AQP contract, as a matter of fact. It’s a really nice, quick, sexy adventure, so if you’d like to read it, it’s only got another month before it vanishes! (Official date is: June 19th, 2006) As the others expire, I’ll post notes a few weeks prior to the expiration date. I haven’t as yet decided if they’ll be resubmitted to another publisher, or not? We’ll see, I guess. Let me know if you have an opinion to offer on the subject, okay?

My first contract with new publisher Liquid Silver Books has been signed and delivered now, so there shouldn’t be too much interruption in releases. My debut title with them is going to be my first full-length erotic novel, and it’s called Simply The Best. If you like lots of action, an alpha hero, plenty of hot sex, and a liberal dose of danger, this book might be just the one to get!! The cover is being done now, and if you want to take a peek and see what’s going on, the URL is:

So, with this having happened, a lot of the titles I’ve chatted about in the past here will now be submitted to Liquid Silver Books for their consideration. The Victorian mystery series, the Masquerade Ball set, etc. My work list has about twenty tiles on it at the moment, so there’s lots to complete and place. Out Of Hell and An Unspoken Betrayal are the first two stories in the Victorian set, and they’ll be the lead-in tales for The Devane Files.

My first-time-in-years Harlequin submission is also underway. It’s Historical, set in the Old West, and is proving to be one of the best things I’ve ever written. I have a good feeling about it, so let’s hope!! I’ve begun work on a new fantasy adventure, too.

By month’s end, the second chapter of the Rebel Knight serial should be done and will be posted shortly thereafter. If you’ve missed Chapter One, you can get caught up anytime by going to: (It’s a FREE download.) And, don’t forget, if you want the backstory, it’s available as a short erotic novella called Rebel Heart, from AQP at:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest is set for release in July, and I can’t wait. If you loved this movie as much as I did and can’t wait for further Jack Sparrow adventures, you might want to look into ordering a fanzine called Tales From The Black Pearl, which is published by a friend of mine. I’m in the process of writing a tale for her at the moment, though I don’t know if I’ll make the deadline for this one, so it might not be out right away! Anyhow, if you want to look into getting the issues that are available, visit: and go to the Marketplace!

And, that’s it for the moment. Feel free to email if you want to chat, or comment. I don’t know if/when my website will be updated, so anyone who wants to know what’s currently going on will have to drop in here for whatever news there is to share. The website was a gift from the Creative Director at AQP, and I don’t know how long it will remain up now that we’re not working together. Talk to you again soon….


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