Sunday, May 28, 2006

Simply The Best

Coming soon from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: TBD (Electronic)
Genre: Erotic Action/Adventure
Copyright © 2006

...Kaylee Masterson is working on site for a client when he offers her the use of his beach house for the summer. In her spare time, Kaylee decides to write an erotic novel, and soon finds the perfect model for her hero—Max Richmonte, owner of an old-fashioned saloon that looks like it was displaced in time. But, Max is definitely in the here and now, and Kaylee soon discovers that nothing she's written could ever have prepared her for the thrill of being on the receiving end of Max's passionate kisses. But, Max has a dark side to his life, and when that secret world clashes, violently, with the happiness he's found, the handsome commander is forced to face not only his past—but also the future he wants with Kaylee. A future filled with love, smoldering passion, and endless nights of hot, mind-blowing sex...


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