Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The Devane Files Book One: OUT OF HELL
by Denysé Bridger
Available from:
ISBN: 1-59578-268-0
Genre: Victorian Mystery Erotica Novel
Price: $5.50

In 1892, London is only now beginning to forget the horrors of the "Ripper" murders. Inspector Michael Devane, who worked on that notorious case, has been assigned to the murky Whitechapel district now that Chief Inspector Fred Abberline is retired. Devane is a haunted man, his mind frequently lost to the fog of an opium addiction. But Devane is also a man of brilliant vision and intuition, something Abberline recognized years earlier.

When theatre producer Robert Bradshaw is violently murdered in his townhouse bedroom, Devane is drawn into a shadowy world of obsession, abuse, and hatred, all barely hidden beneath the thin veneer of proper society. In Bethany Anne Bradshaw, the lovely widow, Michael also discovers that he is not so immune to passion as he once believed, and his judgment may be faulty for less-than-honorable reasons when he begins an affair with her, ignoring the fact that she has strong motives for killing Bradshaw...

The complete first chapter is available in the FILES section of my newsgroup, as well as an excerpt for The Devane Files Book Two: AN UNSPOKEN BETRAYAL, which is coming soon…

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  1. It is a great book. I loved it! Can't wait for number 2.


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