Friday, November 24, 2006

Devane 1: OUT OF HELL Review

The Devane Files Book One: OUT OF HELL
Genre: Historical/Victorian Romance/Mystery
Rating: 5 Flags
Reviewed by Cathie for EURO-REVIEWS

Out Of Hell is an astonishing first book in the historical romance mystery series The Devane Files by Denyse Bridger. The book is so smooth, flowing and organized so that the reader can fall into the story in the first pages. The author, Denyse Bridger, gives the reader a hero with a pure tortured soul that will have the reader on an emotional roller coaster along with Devane. There's no way to avoid having empathy with the characters in this book. The uniqueness of this historical romance series is one that the author should be recognized for. Her creating a series that will make readers anticipate each book, and to wish this series is one that will continue on indefinitely telling more of Devane and Bethany's romance, and the mysteries uniquely developed in the books, as well as following their healing from their past and present as well as future. Devane and Bethany's romance within the story was so sensually romantic, with tenderness as well as intensity, that the love between them was beautiful to read. Hours and days after reading this book, readers will continue to have thoughts of Devane and Bethany with a sigh of contentment, joy and anticipation of more to come.

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