Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Five flags for Descent Into Darkness


Descent Into Darkness by Denysé Bridger spans over various times and centuries where this dark fantasy vampire fiction story spirals around the characters of Alexander, Amberlaine and supporting characters Julian and Diana. The story is so intense at times by the brutal murders, that you also have a dark thriller that is very hard to put down until you know what happens to the characters. The author, Denysé Bridger, surprises the reader throughout the book on the turn of events that the reader would have never thought would occur. It’s at times, a fatal love story, but no ending in sight to know how most of the characters lives end. Alexander DeLenoir has such a dark past and conscience and morality, that the reader will have mixed feelings on him from scene to scene. This is partly what makes this book a great thriller. The passion between Alexander and Amberlaine is erotic and dark. The reader will feel the intensity of their love that becomes so addicting and maddening. The author promises her readers more of their story and an ending that will be anticipated until the pages are turned again. A quote from the book, very much gives a one sentence look of the story: "When you are in love with a madman, Julian, his madness becomes all that you are, and the darkest places of the soul become your home. Your descent into darkness is made complete."

This book is highly recommended for those who love dark fantasy stories. Once you read it, you'll be begging from the author for more of future stories of these characters, even an outcome of the end of this saga. An outstanding story of erotic fiction.

Five Flags
Reviewed by Cathie M.

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  1. Wow, great review, and I love erotic and dark.


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