Monday, January 08, 2007

The Light Within My Soul

THE LIGHT WITHIN MY SOUL is an exciting new contemporary romance I’ve been working on, with the goal of submitting it to the Harlequin Presents line.

The story is set in Rome, and involves a stunning Italian singer, and a young tourist stranded in the city. Their story begins when one of Italy’s glittering stars returns home to make a video for his latest release, and spend some vacation time in the small village of his birth. Jaded and tired, Patrizio Bartolinni is not looking to become involved in anything more demanding than a swim in the pool of his secluded villa. He’s had enough of paparazzi, socialites and debutantes, as well as the glitz and glamour of the parties and receptions. He needs time to be alone and do some soul-searching. But, life seldom works out the way anyone plans, even an internationally acclaimed singer.

During what should be the final day of filming his new video, Patrizio’s sound people pick up a disturbance at a nearby café interfering with their shoot. The handsome singer decides to see if there’s anything he can do to help the distraught girl in the middle of a heated argument between the owner and a young man seated at the table with her. When he has straightened things out and gone back to work, he thinks that’s the end of it. But, the girl is at the café again the next day, and he soon discovers she’s been stabbed and is near death. Things quickly change for the renowned singer when the results of an investigation suggest the reason for her injury might be connected to Patrizio, and not her cheating boyfriend.

Telling himself he is simply taking responsibility for the girl because of what the police have told him, Patrizio takes her to his villa to recover, and it’s not long before the seductive playboy finds himself falling very much in love with her.

For Jillian Light, a woman barely aware of the fame of the man who has come to her rescue, an affair with a gorgeous Italian was never in the cards when she decided to visit Rome with her fiance’s tour company. Finding Brad Savage in bed with an employee of the hotel they were staying in was devastating enough, but being confined to a villa with the striking man who saved her from bleeding to death was creating an entirely different kind of terror in her vulnerable heart. Patrizio Bartolinni was the type of man a woman never forgets once she’s fallen under his spell, and he was definitely out of her league in a big way. Yet, kindness and warmth could weave a bond that no amount of good sense could escape, as she was about to find out.

Falling in love with him more each day, Jillian is torn between the desire to give herself to the affair and walk away with a cherished memory, and the need to retain what little freedom she still has in his presence. In the midst of his vacation, Patrizio is forced into the spotlight yet again in order to lure a potential killer, but this time, Jillian is at his side, and an old lover adds yet another complication to the deadly game that is being put into play. If they survive, will love be enough to overcome the tremendous pressures of his career, and his very public past?

I hope you’ll want to find out about these two special people. I am in the early stages of writing the book, but I am having a wonderful time with it and will happily keep you up to date with things if you’re interested! Maybe even post a scene from time to time? Please let me know your thoughts, and I’ll respond to any suggestions and/or questions you care to put forth!! (And, yes, the sexy guy in the picture here is my inspiration for the new book.)


  1. This sounds wonderful, Denyse! I'll be looking forward to it! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Sounds good, D! The title is so pretty. I don't usually read HP's but in this case I definitely would. The story appeals to me greatly. Yes, thanks for sharing!

  3. The title captured my interest. I have enjoyed what I have read so far and I am left with wanting to know more !! So, yes please, may I have a scene from time to time.



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