Monday, February 05, 2007

As Fate Decrees - Coming Soon

Okay, folks, here it is -- the first "public" outing for the cover of my very first mass market, non-erotic fantasy novel. The book is based on Greek Mythology, is set in Ancient Greece and Modern Day Athens, and is the beginning of what could easily be a series, or a stand-alone novel. The book is slated to be released in Canada late this summer, and six months later will go on to International release.

I love the look of the cover, and if anyone would like to read an excerpt, let me know and I'll post a file to my newsgroup, and/or here!

Media Kits are being prepared by the marketting department at EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy, so if you'd like to be added to the announcement list for a kit/promo when they begin sending them out, send me a note at:, and I'll see that your name is on the list I'm compiling for the Marketting Supervisor. If you click on the cover image, it will take you to the "coming soon" page of the EDGE site, and scroll down... You'll find me!!


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