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How will your Fate be decided?

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Good morning Friends of EDGE,There has been a lot of "buzz" around the office lately. All of it surrounding the discussion of fate, and how we are all affected by our past, present and future. One of the big questions being asked here is, "What if your fate was determined even before you were brought into this world?" Thankfully two of our authors have expressed their notions of Fate in their novels; one set in an ancient Greek civilization, and the other in a futuristic Cyborg/Robotic society. These books are indeed food for thought and are available from book sellers now. See details below. In other news, and in keeping with the "fate" theme of this newsletter, our fate has been changed this week - Mr. K. A. Bedford has signed a publishing contract with EDGE for his next novel. Yay! We've slated it for release in the fall of 2008. And from what we've read, his new book just might change your perception of fate. More to come.

EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

AS FATE DECREES (Available August 15th 2007)

The gods of ancient Greece must find a mortal champion to defend their fate.

"Go and seek the one I have told you about, she is frailand in need of help. Look not of upper blood, for I haveseen her down in the dirt. She is held against her will.Find her and you shall find your savior." - The Oracle of Delphi

In ancient Greece the young maiden, Amarantha, is captured and sold in the slave market of Athens."What fates await?" she wonders. "And what divine design will the Olympian gods have for me?"As unexpectedly as she had found herself placed in chains, Amarantha finds herself purchased by a mysterious master who refuses to reveal his true identity.But he is no ordinary man, nor she an ordinary slave. Under her master's tutelage, Amarantha is trained as a fighter and challenged to prove herself in battle after battle until her skills are perfected and she is granted the right to know his true identity. He is Ares, god of war and the son of Zeus. And she is to become Champion to the gods of Olympus; bound forever to serve and vanquish all foes until the gods themselves grant her peace.

But even gods are not immune to the fickle twists of fate, and Amarantha is soon ripped from her quiet resting place and cast through time itself to do battle with a modern day reincarnation of an old foe - a madman bent on rewriting history to suit his own twisted desire. She must act quickly to win this battle, for the fate of all Olympian gods hangs in a delicate balance between immortality and the realization that even the gods themselves may be returned to the dust from which they arose.

Trade Paperback
ISBN-10: 1-894063-41-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-894063-41-8
5.5" X 8.5" -- $15.95 US/16.95 CDN
272 pages


When retired top homicide inspector Zette McGee, late of Winter City, Ganymede, gets called out of her mysterious retirement to help Kell Fallow, a desperate former android accused unjustly of murdering his wife and children, she knows she has to help him, for Zette has a secret she is desperate to keep, and Fallow knows all about it. With the help of her best friend, the elderly but very suave former secret agent Gideon Smith, and his ridiculously impressive personal starship, the Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, Zette sets out (a) to help the accused man, but also (b) to keep Gideon from finding out her own awful secret, even as everything they learn in the investigation keeps pointing to it. But when Kell Fallow is killed by a bomb he didn't know was buried in his guts, and when a homebrew android identical to Zette destroys her home on the luxurious Serendipity habitat, Gideon and Zette go on the run, only to run afoul of sabotage, spies, nasty infections, and bad guys galore and ordinary machines come to relentless, murderous life. The case will take Zette and Gideon on a terrifying journey into the darkest reaches of human space, in pursuit of an ancient truth -- and will bring her into deadly contact with that truth's keeper, the awesomely powerful firemind, Hydrogen Steel, an artificial consciousness evolved far beyond its original design, and which is utterly determined to keep that same truth from getting out, at any cost.

Trade Paperback
ISBN-10: 1-894063-20-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-894063-20-3
5.5" X 8.5" -- $19.95 US/19.95 CDN
384 pages

These books will leave you wanting more.

Check out our website for news as it happens over the coming weeks.

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EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing now includes Tesseract Books

2007 Releases (USA):

Hydrogen Steel by K. A. Bedford (March 2007)
i-Robot Poetry by Jason Christie (April 2007)
Tesseracts Ten edited by Edo van Belkom and Robert Charles Wilson (May 2007)
Righteous Anger by Lynda Williams (May 2007)
As Fate Decrees by Denysé Bridger (August 2007)
Keeper's Child by Leslie Davis (September 2007)
Darkness of the God by Amber Hayward (October 2007)
Tesseracts Eleven edited by Cory Doctorow & Holly Phillips (November 2007) and more...

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