Wednesday, June 06, 2007

*NEW* Rebel Knight posted

AMC1902, the American Motorcycle Company, welcomes you to the world of Nick Red Cloud, REBEL KNIGHT.

Set in 2010, Rebel Knight is an on-going adventure story. Join us every two-three months for a new installment in this series. Nick Red Cloud is a private investigator with a haunted past, hunting down the people/person responsible for the loss of several hundred lives, including his wife. Red Cloud Investigations is a division of the Sky-Hawke Group, a conglomerate owned by Nick’s cousin, Robert Sky-Hawke. It was in one of the corporate buildings, targeted by industrial espionage, that Nick lost his wife, and ended up hospitalized for many weeks. Nick’s office is in San Francisco, but the base of his real operations since his wife’s death is a high-tech fortress near Death Valley. He is able to move around the country at will, usually with the aid of the Sky-Hawke corporate jet, and his preferred mode of transportation: a motorcycle.

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The story begins here…

Chapter Four: HUNTED has just been posted!

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