Saturday, September 29, 2007

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4 Angels: Adam Walker had always been a touchy subject for Shainna Barton. As her assigned partner by the Company, he was one of the most dangerous men she had met. The moment she saw him there was an instant attraction. He had a certain aura to him. Then again there was Kiku, and Shainna knew as long as Kiku Shimoda was in the picture, Adam would never be but a working partner to her. When Kiku is beaten, raped and her neck broken, her death becomes national news, leaving some to believe Adam was the killer. Shainna is certain he is innocent. Adam is well-trained and considered one of the Company’s best field agents. Inside, he carries a secret that others are not aware. He is a ninja and one of Japan’s death warriors who loves Kiku. After her death there is only one person he can lean on for support and that is Shainna. He never realized that deep down he harbored stronger feelings, for her that are about to surface in a most sensual way.

Silent Death is a story that pulls one into the action. The suspense mounts especially after the death of Kiku. Shainna and Adam are both refreshing characters that light up the pages. I liked how the marital arts was brought into the story and showed different sides of Adam. This reader could see the different layers of expression on his face with, grief, action or passion. Denysé Bridger packs a punch into a tale that shows love, compassion and wide ranges of emotions while finding a way of escape for a brighter tomorrow. I look forward to more of her stories.

Reviewed by: Linda L.
Fallen Angel Reviews

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