Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New review!

As Fate Decrees
ISBN: 978-1-890463-41-8
Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Review by ellen george

This is a superb story of the Pantheon of Ancient Greece - the backstory is on the back cover - there is just a slight mention of the prophecy and fate in the early text of the book, but the back cover explains the start and emphasis of this story so we know what we need at the start - The Oracle of Delphi tells Ares, Greek God of War, that he is to find a Champion of the Gods in a very lowly place - Find her and you will find the savior...

…In ancient Greece, slaves are being sold - out comes a fiery girl who fights against her captor - A stranger comes in and bids for her - no one else dares outbid him. She goes with this mysterious new master not knowing her new master is Ares, God of War… Then the world shifts. We are in 1999 Athens, Greece - Someone is destroying shrines and holy places in an effort to destroy the religions of the world and create a new religion - one religion - one god - and ancient holy places in Greece are being destroyed in an effort to show the world their old religions aren't as powerful as the new religion...

Both tales, as they merge, are masterfully told. The mythology is vivid, and the story of everlasting love and honor of the ancients is amazing. Am and Ares are together until the Fates decree she is to go and champion them at another time...

There is a possibility of a sequel to As Fate Decrees - further adventures of Ares and Amarantha, his now love, are truly a story fit for the Gods.

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