Tuesday, January 27, 2009


January 27th: Welcome to the announcement of Lisa Jackson's newest release!!

Today’s the day! Lisa Jackson and sister Nancy Bush are celebrating the arrival in stores of the first novel they’ve written together, WICKED GAME, a mass market original from Zebra Books. It’s been a long time coming. Back in 1981, they sat down determined to write and to be published and, with a friend, began their first novel. While Stormy Surrender never found a home, the siblings did get published—separately—and forged extremely successful and diverse writing careers.

Lisa, known for her best selling suspense novels, and Nan, an award-winning author of mysteries and a former script writer for All My Children, long discussed collaborating, but it was only recently that they were able to juggle deadlines and family to turn their ideas into reality in WICKED GAME.

Their novel—romantic suspense with a touch of the paranormal—takes readers to St. Elizabeth’s high school where wild child Jessie Brentwood vanished. Most in her tight circle of friends believed she simply ran away. Few suspected she was hiding a shocking secret—one that brought her into the crosshairs of a vicious killer. Two decades later, when a body is unearthed on school grounds, Jessie’s friends reunite. Most are sure the body is hers and the mystery of what happened to Jessie has finally been solved. Then one-by-one they begin to die, each in a horrible, freak accident that defies explanation.

Visit Lisa at her website: http://www.lisajackson.com/


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing, Denyse! Sounds like quite a tale.

    And Lisa, how wonderful to collaborate with your sister! Mine know I write and go: "Whatever! If you've got the time I guess it works for you..."

  2. Wicked is right, Nancy and Lisa! Your peserverance has invested in a great book, Wicked Game!




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