Monday, January 12, 2009

Very cool Book Blog!

A big thank you to Denyse for posting this. It’s a great, new book blog—beneficial to Readers and Authors alike. Check it out during our January discussion and stay tuned to Lost in a Good Book at the WRDF site for more exciting events in the coming months!

Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction present the January Lost in a Good Book, Book Club Blog. With the success of our November book club blog and with interest from our readers, we are continuing throughout 2009 beginning with our handpicked selections for January. Join Lynda Cooker and Annette Snyder at Lost in a Good Book at January 15th through the 31st, we’ll be discussing three fascinating novels. Eva Gordon’s, The Stone of the Tenth Realm, is a fantasy theme beginning in the real world of a concentration camp. Follow Sophie Katz as she overcomes the struggles in her world and fights evils of another dimension. Chelle Cordero shares her novel, Bartlett’s Rule, a contemporary romance of conquering trust issues and learning patience. Corruption’s Child, by John Lindermuth, gives us a taste of suspense and intrigue using a fictional Amish community as a backdrop. Each author offers a fabulous prize for participants of the Lost in a Good Book, Book Club Blog so make sure to head on over and browse the information about our authors and their work, read your selections and join our discussion. Explore a genre you haven’t tried or one that you know and love. For more information on our January selections, visit . You’ll find the latest information on each novel and the authors who penned them. On the Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction site, you’ll find the latest about Lost in a Good Book and all our other group activities. As a reader, the WRDF Lost in a Good Book, book club blog is your chance to share your thoughts about our January selections with other readers and our authors. If you’re an author and wish to have your book considered for future selections, visit WRDF at and click on the Lost in a Good Book banner.

Annette Snyder-Novelist
Viveka's War--Available Now
Intimate Flames releasing July 2009
Lost in a Good Book--WRDF Book Club


  1. Great write-up Annette! (thanks Denysé)

    I am really looking forward to the beginnings of the book club discussions.

    See you on Lost in as Good Book.


  2. Oooooo how exciting!!!

    This looks fabulous!
    Lisa xx


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