Friday, February 27, 2009

Coming March 31st from LISA JACKSON!!

Lisa Jackson’s new hardcover MALICE is going to make a lot of readers very happy—especially so since, for the first time since Lisa’s first New York Times bestseller, 2002’s Cold Blooded, Rick Bentz is the main character. Her readers already know the brilliant and flawed New Orleans Police Department detectives Reuben Montoya and Rick Bentz from Hot Blooded, Cold Blooded, The Night Before, Shiver, Absolute Fear, and Lost Souls. Now they get a view of Bentz they may never forget as he takes them into his own private hell and in pursuit of a merciless killer.

MALICE follows WICKED GAME, currently on national bestseller lists, and the upcoming mass market reprint of Lost Souls. Later in the month, I will be featuring reviews and a brief interview with the wonderful author(s) so stay tuned!!!

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