Monday, June 01, 2009

Crystal Storm's: SYNARCHY

So, 250-500 words on your favorite part of the writing/publishing process.

I think I’m lucky. I say that because while I’m extremely creative, I also have a knack for business. It’s something I enjoy, almost as much as writing. One day I’m going to start my own entertainment company of sorts and it’s going to be a combination of publishing and an Online RPG that will rival World of Warcraft. Wait and see J. But, what I really love the most about the writing process is creating. I love that part.

When I sit down to write a scene it starts in my head as a big chaotic jumble, like taking the pieces of a puzzle and tossing them into a pile on the floor. Then I’ll begin to weave ideas together, and once it gets going, it can go on for a while. I can and have, spent days upon days locked in my creative world. I’m a little OCD about the details, and I think I suffer from too many ideas syndrome. There were a lot of times, when writing Synarchy I had to stop, grab a pen and a blank piece of paper and make a quick outline, to remind myself of all the plot lines I was tying together. There’s a lot going on in Synarchy and Book Two will be just as intense if not a little faster paced.

When I was done with Synarchy my mind immediately started humming with everything I needed to do to get it out there, and then on the other side my brain is firing off at me all these ideas for the next book, and the next book, and the next book. I wish I could clone myself some days so I could get it all out at once! But, I’ve got a lot to keep me busy for the next few years at least, which is exciting. I’m really serious about turning this creative process into what I do 24/7 (what writer isn’t). Hopefully, it will work out the way I’ve intended.

I want thank you, Denyse, for giving me the opportunity to swing by! And I hope your readers enjoy Synarchy as much as I did writing it! (My pleasure entirely! Thanks for being here!! I'm reading the book now, it's great, and I'll let everyone know when the review is posted!!)

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  1. I love to read how other writers approach their work. Looking forward to your review.


  2. This is a fantastic book. I am so excited to see that it is finally getting the exposure and the recognition that it deserves!

  3. A fantasy & a thriller - a great combo of the kinds of books I like to read! I've added this one to my TBR list.


  4. Glad you're enjoying it so far Denysé! I can't wait to read your review myself :D Thanks for a great first stop!

  5. It has so many great elements to it - fantasy and thriller, like you said, but also romance and intrigue and tests of loyalty, betrayal, all of the good stuff. :D


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