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Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to someone very special. Not only is Brigit Aine a good friend, she's also a newly published romance author, and this is the first of what I am sure will one day be an impressive catalogue of books from her talented imagination. She was gracious enough to consent to an interview, so meet Brigit Aine.... I think you'll love her as much as I do!

MEET Brigit Aine:

You’ve chosen to write a series in which all your characters have special talents related to paranormal themes. The first one has ties to a childhood fairytale. Will they all be like that? Adult fairytales? (The book is great, by the way!)

Thank you. No they are not all that way. “Red’s Wolf”, the first in the series started from a 2 page short story that I had written that was an actual prompt: Turn a Fairytale into an erotic story. From there I expanded and created the town of Torrent and the idea of talents. The rest of the stories have just rolled from my brain as I created Torrent and the idea that a whole population has something unique about them.

How does it feel to have your first book published, and is this the realization of a long-term dream/goal for you?

Oh my goodness I can’t even tell you. I am over the moon. I have been writing most of my life, poetry, short stories that kind of stuff and being published gives me a sense of fulfillment. Even if I stopped now, which I have no intention of doing, I would feel like I had accomplished something. For me writing is a sense to tell the stories that are clamouring in my head. The fact that someone else thinks they are good enough to share is mind boggling.

Do you have a preference for what style of books you like to read most, and/or write?

I love Paranormal Romance. It doesn’t have to be erotic necessarily, I have even written a time travel that is romantic but not erotic. However, there must be paranormal. I have been reading Paranormal since I could read. From scary, Richard Peck to fun, Salman Rushdie. As an English Lit major in college I have collected and read some very interesting things. I love the Malleus Maleficarum which I collected in a class on witchcraft in early writings.

When I write I tend to write in the same style I would like to read. I have discovered that if I try to write something I wouldn’t want to read the story isn’t as interesting. LOL... imagine that.

Where do you want to be with the publishing side of your career in about five years? Keeping it small and manageable, or do you want to turn it into THE career?

Gosh... I can’t even imagine. I have a great career outside of my writing but it takes up so much time that I don’t get to write as much as I would like. I am very aware that most writers never get to the point where this is THE career and those that do are very very lucky. Right now I count myself lucky to be along the few who have a story others think is worth sharing or reading. If someday, I had the time, I would like to try writing on as a career, but until then I will promote what I do have out and keep working the day job and just enjoying the life I have.

How does you family feel about this exciting new venture, and were/are they supportive of this particular dream??

My family thinks this is fabulous. Even my dad has read “Red’s Wolf” and remember it is an erotic romance. They are so proud of me it makes me tear up thinking about it. My friends from high school that I am still close with are asking for autographed copies. My kids and husband and super proud and I even get actual writing time now at home from them. Which is pretty darn spectacular.

Anything you’d like to tell your readers about the rest of this special series, or would that be giving too much away????

Ahhh... the rest of this series. Well I thought it was only going to be 3 books... LOL.. does that tell you something. No actually book 2, Cassie’s Awakening, is with the publisher now and I am waiting on edits and then hopefully I can get a release date. Book 3, Kraig’s Kat, is just about done. And there is a book 4 already brewing around in my brain. Both Book 2 and Book 3 bring back Red and Ethan and there are some twists to the series in Book 3. Our heroes for right now are still shapeshifter wolves and our heroines are unique with their own talents but they may change soon.

RED'S WOLF: Red is grateful to be able to come back to Torrent where everyone has a talent and she isn’t looked on like a freak. What she doesn’t count on is Ethan.

Ethan knows the minute he sees Red on her way to her Grandma’s house that she is his mate, now all he has to do is convince her.

Read an excerpt HERE

Visit Brigit's website:

PS: Our lovely Brigit is also going to do a random draw later and one of you lucky folks will get a FREE copy of her fabulous tale as a prize.... so, keep those comments coming.....


  1. HI!

    It is so nice to hear that someone has been published! It's great!
    I'm glad you're getting so much support from family and friends too - I guess that makes it a little easier.

    Love the idea of the Fairytale thing too....that excerpt is VERY intriuging...

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks to Denyse for letting us know about another fabulous authour!

    Lisa xx

  2. Thank you Lisa. It is great to have support. I think that helps make a difference in anything you do.

    Denyse... oh my goodness what an intro. Thank you and I love you.

  3. Hi Brigit!

    Congrats on being published! I love and author who has a series that keeps going. :)I see a wonderful future for you and your books!

  4. Thank you Sheila. I know series are a favorite of a lot of people so I am excited to be an author of one.

  5. What a great way to take a fairytale. I love the idea of a whole town of shapeshifters. Wolves are my favorite! The excerpt is great. An orgasm at her grandma's table. lol Thanks Denyse for spotlighting Brigit Aine. Phylis

  6. Thanks Phylis... I loved writing it.. hence the series concept. It was a ton of fun and has spun off it something that I think is incredible. All the books in the series have that ligth hearted sense to them (for the most part) because my own sense of humor tends to peek through.

  7. Hi Brigit!

    Great interview! It's so cool to know you as a woman, and a wonderful author.

    I like the fairytale concept.


  8. I love adult fairytales. They are so comfortable when I read them. I will make sure I pick up a copy of Red's Wolf. It just sounds too good.

    I'm glad new authors are being published and giving us the opportunity to experience their worlds.

  9. Charlotte PinderJun 11, 2009, 4:13:00 PM

    I love being in at the begining of an authors publishing life and to have said author write paranormal romances is even better.
    Keep up the good work and I'll keep my eyes open for book 2!!

  10. Oh my goodness... thank you all for stopping by... look at this... you make me so glad I wrote it and am still writing... Book 2 is great... Book 3 has a twist... and I am hoping both will be up soon...

    Paranormal is my all time favorite. As I said I only write what I read... and I read a lot!

  11. Congratulations on the new release! I'm so pleased that you have the full support of your family. Were I to write what I enjoy reading, I know my family would support me, but doubt that they would read my work.

    Best wishes for continued success!

  12. I really would love to read this story

  13. Great post, Brigit!:)
    It is awesome to hear another author's 'first' story! It will be a feeling you never forget.

    Wishing you many many sales!


  14. Thanks everyone... it is over at Absolute XPress and is only 2.95 in e-book form... or perhaps you will be the lucky winner.

  15. I am so delighted to see so many wonderful and positive comments. This is a lovely first book in what promises to be a series that can be revisited many times, and each one a unique and special story.

    Congrats again on a GREAT debut to your career, Brigit!!!

    Love, Denyse

  16. Thanks Denyse... this has been a terrific day.

  17. Congrats on being published! Red's Wolf sounds GOOD! Good Luck to you and many more of your books to be published!

  18. Huge congratulations, Brigit! How exciting to have a dream fulfilled! And I like the premise of your series--there's a wealth of inspiration for you to explore and develop! Looking forward to reading your writing!

  19. Thanks guys. I know that this is the start of something wonderful... and it is nice to know that others think so too.

  20. It is always fun to read a new take on a classic concept. I love series and having earlier characters have cameos. Will enjoy learning more about Red and Ethan.


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