Monday, August 31, 2009


Intuitives have been called the sensitive ones, the creative dreamers, who share what they experience that others do not see. Finally, parents whose children are intuitively gifted have new, concrete strategies for raising them to be strong contributors in life. Raising Intuitive Children helps parents understand an intuitive child's world. More than that, it shows parents how to validate, not suppress, these intuitive abilities. The stakes are high. If their intuitive abilities get dismissed, intuitive children can lose their way, their joy, and their spirit. Psychotherapist Caron Goode teams up with parenting expert and coach Tara Paterson to share explanations, stories, and examples many from Tara's own family in this ground-breaking guide. It addresses:

- Knowing if your child is intuitively gifted
- Identifying when something is out of balance
- Trusting what intuitive children say from the imaginable realm
- Shifting parenting styles to meet a child's style and strengths
- Using breathing techniques for staying centered, calm, and optimistic
- Creating rituals so they can feel solid and bring forth their intuitive intelligence
- Dealing with environmental and nutrition elements that especially affect intuitives
- Exploring strategies for bonding and communication at each stage of development

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