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ROYAL CONSORT - November 15th

So, as it happens.... I am finally going to have this special book released! HEARTS ON FIRE BOOKS will be publishing my short fantasy/erotic romance ROYAL CONSORT. That stunning guy on the cover, he's real... someone I love and adore - my Italian Prince, Vincenzo. This book was written for him. So, please check it out on Sunday when it goes live at Hearts On Fire.... In the meantime, let me tell you a little bit about the book, and tease your interest (I hope) with an excerpt:

Release: November 15th, 2009


On the fantasy world of Foress, the daughter of the world’s last remaining god is challenged to locate one of the ancient swords that were forged as the Triad of Power among the once-powerful gods. Sherindal is a skilled warrior, but a woman with many conflicts in her heart. She has spent her life in the service of her father, the god M’Har, yet it is not she who will wield the most powerful of the swords. Diviner is to be her brother’s destiny, even though she is certain the legacy should be hers. Sherindal carries another of the three ancient weapons, Huntor. The final part of the triad is to be held by the hands of men, and her lover, the Prince of Ember City, is the guardian of Predator.


She waited, certain her sire had heard her call. She closed her eyes, heart-weary and desperately afraid. This should not have happened for many years yet. Something was wrong, very wrong. The air changed subtly, a softening almost, and the hush grew deeper as time itself became suspended. The last remaining living god of Foress coalesced into flesh and sinew a short distance from where she waited.

“M’Har.” She rose and drew Huntor, placed it point down on the ground before her. She bowed curtly, and he halted a few feet in front of her.

“You must leave your anger here, Sherindal,” he advised without rancor.

“Must I?” she responded, and turned away, ashamed of her fear, and the fury it created within her.

“This was not supposed to happen, Father,” she whispered after a pause.

"Diviner has been stolen,” he told her, deep voice filled with dread. “I have guarded it since the Ancient Wars which nearly destroyed us, Sherindal. Kept it safe for the One who would one day wield it again in defense of our world.”

“Kept it for my brother!” she concluded with real bitterness. She wanted to remind her father of the accomplishments of her life, her strengths and knowledge, but she swallowed the words and waited for him to speak. They’d had this argument countless times, it left them further apart each time. She wondered if the point of no return had been reached, or if they would, in fact, engage in the futile game again. She had no strength left for games, and chose to admit defeat by concession.

“Your quest began over a thousand years ago, Sire,” she stated softly. “This world has not known war in a millennia.”

“Yet Diviner has been taken,” he reminded her. “The third sword of the Sacred Triad, in the hands of one who would use it to foretell a future that the mortals of this world are not meant to know, my daughter.”

“And you must pass on the Guardianship before you leave this world,” she concluded. He nodded and she raised Huntor in her hands, stared at its shining blade, the rhunes etched into the very core of the magical weapon. “It is not I who shall hold Diviner,” she said. “Yet it is my life… my Destiny… to find he who will.” She laughed, the sound a bitter, dark irony, then she stared at her father with eyes that burned in their mirthless amusement. “It is a hollow Fate, my father,” she hissed.

“Yet it is your Fate,” he returned with none of the rage that churned in the air around his daughter. He was old, and sadness the only companion he had in his darkest night. “Just at is was Argon’s fate to pass his weapon to Rienn, and for your mother to place Huntor in your hands before her final death.”

The reminder that her beloved carried a weapon like hers was always a source of unease. She’d feared for him when Argon died suddenly, on the other side of their world, in a war they’d known nothing about until his passing. The weapon had been delivered to Rienn by her own hands when M’Har had summoned her to complete the task. Now she would once again place the most powerful blade of the Triad into the rightful hands, but this time it would also be the hands of a stranger who held the mystical sword…

Coming November 15th
Hearts On Fire Books

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  1. oooooo NICE cover!!!!!
    Story sounds fantastic!

    Good luck with this - I can see it means a lot to you personally, as well as professionally.

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