Friday, March 05, 2010

Music that is Magic....

For the first time ever, I am going to write a kind of review about music that I am listening to – because I’ve just discovered someone who sings with so much beauty and passion that I want you all to know him. In the past two days, I’ve been fortunate enough to acquire two of the CDs released by Pasquale Esposito, and believe me when I tell you – he does not simply sing, he makes love with his voice… and you are indeed under his spell within minutes.

The song that I heard first was one Pasquale himself posted to my Facebook page, it’s a breath-taking piece called Aria Leggera and if you want to see him at work – he’s as seductive to look at as he is to listen to, ladies – it won’t hurt a bit, I promise! – I’ve posted the video at the bottom of this post.

Pasquale slips flawlessly between his native Italian and English, both in flowing, smooth vocal style that keeps your heart flying with the incredible scope of the music. The title track of A Brand New Me is a familiar message of discovering love and how it can change your life entirely in the shortest spans of time. The orchestration on this one flies, and there’s a breathless, new feel about it that conveys the message as clearly as the beautiful lyric itself. Lines like "you’re my direction when I have none… you light up my soul…” etc. – THESE are the words that all lovers feel, but few will ever voice for whatever reason – usually embarrassment. (I know, that’s what love songs are for, right? WRONG – but that’s got nothing to do with this post, so we’ll save it for another time!)

There are songs of all styles, those influenced by jazz, some with operatic aria grandness, and others that are the stuff of the finest pop music. ALL are touched with a bit of special magic with this man’s voice being the catalyst that propels them to honest, passionate declarations of love in all its forms and moods.

The CD opens with Aria e Cielo (I Am The Air): strong, powerful lyric again, Italian and English, it fills your mind with positive emotion – energy that is as elemental as the air, fire, water, and earth Pasquale is singing to us about…

That’s What The World Sees is a kind of anthem of our times – not always pretty, but powerful and moving. Reality isn’t always pretty – and yet, once again, there is the fire of hope in each line, the determination to be free and better… to make LIFE better… "No one individual can save the universe… but it is within the grasp of every one to understand – do you believe it – can you believe it – can we believe it?” Strong stuff, isn’t it?

Girotondo “feels” Italian and if you can resist the urge to smile and tap your feet, you’ve got more control than I will ever possess…

Believe Your Intuition is another of those songs that makes you LISTEN to what is being said – and feel it deep inside your mind and heart. The lyric here shows us the wisdom of a man who has seen good and bad in life, but chooses to turn to hope and beauty, to use it as his strength, and then offer it to us as the gift it is, to inspire us and reassure us that at the end of each day, the only part worth keeping is the part that makes us strong and keeps our faith and dreams alive.

There are 16 songs on this CD, each one of them is unique and lovely. Every note carries the incredible power of a voice that is rare and exceptional in its expression. If you want to listen to something that will transport your imagination, or simply make your heart smile, listen to Pasquale Esposito and you WILL find both those things.

ALL of his CDs are available via, or his website store:

The second CD I have is Authentic Italian, and like A Brand New Me, it’s filled with wonderful songs, but many of these are familiar to audiences everywhere. The covers are excellent – each one made new by this talented man with a voice that is pure gold! Some of these songs have been done by other artists recently, but none have done them better than they are here. Songs like Mambo Italiano or Parla Piu Piano, or the traditional O Sole Mio that everyone knows in one form or another – they have never sounded so good.

In short – this man is not only very attractive, and a very nice guy, he’s got a rare and special talent, a gift few have been Blessed with. Listen to his work, and know your heart has just been kissed by a bit of Italian Magic at its finest! ENJOY it!!


  1. He is amazing you are correct. What a great voice and sound. Sigh.

  2. Wow!! Amazing!! Love the energy!! :)

  3. Wow..he really is amazing. Wonderful review!

  4. Awesome review !!! I'm positive he will love it to , Paquale has such an amazing voice he sings with every passion and he lifts your soul and makes you smile :)

  5. He can sing in my shower anytime. :) Thanks for sharing, Denysé.


  6. I'm shocked, Destiny!!! LOL I have no idea if he's looked at this or not, but I hope he has, because it's all so good....

    Love to all,

  7. He sings so beautifully and so full of emotion. Thanks Densye. That makes two new singers I have found because of you. Pasquale and Riccardo.
    Carol L.

  8. oops--sorry I spelled your name wrong. :)
    Carol L.


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