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Sometimes, without really being aware of it, you create something that is very special. For me, this story is one of those things... Chatting with someone that I feel is one of the best men I have ever known, a day after Christmas - he was studying in Italy, and I was working in Canada, and we chatted via email while we did our work... I proposed a game, one where I would seduce him with words.... and so this story was born and it became my Christmas gift to him. There are two more pieces to be written to finish it... and who knows, maybe the game will have a happy ending for read one day??? Enjoy this early peek at the whole idea....

Games of Seduction
Publisher: Moongypsy Press
Genre: Erotic romance
Available: May 25th, 2010
Cover Art: Dawné Dominique


What begins as a game between two people from opposite sides of the world quickly becomes an intense and all-consuming need to discover if the passion inspired by words can fuel a fire that will span an ocean and ignite a love unlike anything either of them have experienced before.... Discover what happens when the Game of Seduction is taken to the final play - and two lovers unite on New Year's Eve for the first time....

Read an excerpt:

This story is for Emanuele,
who really is my fantasy and my sexiest dream…

Why are the words I write so easy, but putting them onto the screen for someone who is watching me – someone who is the answer to those very questions – why is that so impossible to do? I know why. I want him already. I want to be possessed by him in a way no other man has ever known me. The enormity of it makes me want to run, but I have no idea if the answer is to run toward him, or run away? I wonder if I should ask? I want a stranger to own me because I know he’s got the strength to do it, that’s very frightening.

So, how do I tell this handsome and passionate man that if he wants my fantasy, he has to tie my hands and blindfold me, then talk to me as he does whatever he wants with me to make me his? That in return, I want to do the same thing to him, and leave him breathless and aching as I decide how best to tease his lust? What goes on in a mind that wants to know what it is to belong to the man she wants, to be his and only his? Other men have tried to make me bend, and failed. I know this one could make me beg, and leave me more fulfilled than I’ve ever been… More alive than I thought was possible, even in my romantic dreams.

I want the touch of his hands and the whisper of his words, while he holds me captive to his desire. I stare and my heart is pounding a wild timpani in my ears, but still the words will not come forth.

I discovered that I know nothing about a man’s idea of beauty, that I see myself in a very different way than he does. He sees more deeply than I believed was possible, even through the fear that kept me struggling to play my part of the game, knowing I was failing badly.

He upped the stakes when he told me he wanted to see me… really see me… naked, in all ways. It was easy for him, he’s had more lovers than I want to think about. I’ve had few real moments of passion in my life. And I was a different person then, a woman barely aware of what desire was, and playing at being in love. I looked different then, but even knowing that time had not so much aged me as improved me, I was desperately afraid to let him see me. My first glimpse of him is burned into my mind. Beautiful as only a strong man can be, vital and vibrant, at ease with his sensuality and his potent sexuality.

“I’ve been told I am not the kind of woman who inspires passion.”

When I admitted that, how deeply it made me fear, he asked me why I would believe such a thing from a man who clearly wanted to cause me pain. Once again, he reminded me that I did not appear to be a stupid woman, yet I persisted in the belief that words intended to hurt could be true in any way. He does not hold back his truths, nor does he make them gentle when he forces me to see them. I took a leap of trust, and I did what he asked… each step into his vision was rewarded by an equal exposing of his body. I wonder if he saw how badly my knees were shaking when he looked at me – how much my heart leapt when his response was a simple, but appreciative “wow” when faced with me? I still shake, inside and out, when I permit my mind to relive that moment.

In the end, he told me to write. To do what I do best. So, I have made a beginning, and now I will allow him to see the truth his eyes have already told him… To give him this whisper of my honest secrets, and ignore the fear it creates in me to think that I could never be enough for him. He said the Game never ends… and I wonder if my inability to open my soul to him has already ended it? I want to see what the second play brings… but will there be a second chance?

That was months ago, and we have grown to know each other in surprising ways…


She faced the screen, smiling as she considered what she was about to write. Their Game had grown into a challenge over the months, each new seduction charged with eroticism that left her gaping in shock at the things she now casually gave voice to–and the things she never imagined before him. Today, she had chosen to change the rules, and now it was time to tease passion in a slightly different way.

And how do I tell you what seemed so easy when I proposed this new game? We will do this for the next three days, and then, on day four, it will conclude in a way that you are not expecting. This year will end, and a new one will begin–with new possibilities and more exciting games to discover.

The thought was threaded with uncertainty, and she forced herself to ignore it…

Fantasy… erotic whispers… banish fear and speak with total honesty… and trust. It was a simple answer…

Banish fear…


In my mind, I see you as you step into the shower… the water is pouring over your body, caressing your beautiful contours like the hands of a lover… and I want to be the water… close your eyes, let the heat of desire go deep into your heart… let your imagination create this fantasy with me…


Candlelit Seduction
There Is Only You

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