Friday, May 07, 2010

True Lies with Denyse Bridger: A Blog Award & Contest!

This week I was nominated via The Pen & Muse Blog for the Creative Writer Blogger Award. Thanks to Denise Alicea of the Pen & Muse for the great nomination! Thank you so much for this honour, Denise - I think?

This award requires me to tell some lies and have you try to guess which one is correct. If you win, I will give away a beautiful surprise gift!

My True Lies

1) I am an internationally published author.

2) I know Jimmy Thomas, sexy cover model, and have publicly stated that I have adopted him as my kid brother.

3) I have met and maintain friendships with many famous people.

4) I am madly in love with the most romantic country in the world - Italy.

5) I'm a huge fan of Donny Osmond and David Cassidy.

6) I own all technology under the sun, and am proficient in the use of it all!

7) I have written songs and have had at least one recorded.

Now to Pass the torch to 7 new bloggers/writers who will have to continue this burden of telling their own lies as well as passing the torch to 7 other people!

1) A.F. Stewart - wonderful and talented author!

2) Antonia Tiranth - My fabulous Dragon-Lady!

3) Brigit Aine - A good friend and such an inspiration with her many projects!

4) Colleen Love - I love Colleen, her wonderful stories and her incredible spirit.

5) Ellen Ashe - A special lady with great talent, as well as a very good friend!

6) Keta Diablo - Another great author with tons of great stories.

7) CJ England - Terrific lady, author, and friend.


  1. Hi Denyse,
    I am guessing the one about you loving Italy is your truth.

    Keta sent this along and it sounds like great fun. I shall do this.

    Take care.

  2. hmmmm I know for at FACT one of these is a total COMPLETE and utter world Class FIB!!!!


    There's another I'm not so sure about being true either........

    LJ x

  3. I can understand the David Cassidy thing. :D


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