Friday, November 12, 2010

Cindy Jacks: LEAP

By Cindy Jacks
Publisher: Ellora's Cave


Just when Lila has resigned herself to the fact the most exciting chapters of her life are over, a blast from the past walks into her bakery. Six feet of gorgeousness named Gavin drops by as she’s closing up shop. They were once high-school sweethearts and it’s been more than twenty-five years since they’ve seen each other, but time hasn’t diminished the sweet heat between them. Soon enough the sparks—and the frosting—begin to fly.

As they rediscover each other’s bodies, it’s clear Gavin’s no longer a boy as he shows Lila the man and skillful lover he’s become. Though Lila knows this whirlwind romp could be an act of insanity, his touch unleashes the sensual woman she’s forgotten she could be. And she thinks—maybe—she has one more leap in her.


Most of you know by now that I've become a rather vocal Cindy Jacks fan, so it won't surprise anyone to discover that her latest book is another one that I think is a 5-star winner. This story is short, but has plenty of emotional backbone to carry it. The heroine is not only very likeable, she's accessible to all women, something they see in themselves, or in their lives somewhere. The hero – he's equal parts charming boy-next-door and larger-than-life male... but it works beautifully. Their passion is intense, and sensual – but most of all, it's honest. You believe these people are real, and their future is something you care about.

Cindy's writing is sharp, focused, and flowing... if you like a hot, passionate quickie, uncluttered by excess, this is one you most definitely will love. All in all, a sexy, savvy love story with a lot of heat and happy... Take the LEAP, and check it out! You can get your copy here:



  1. I have a friend who has read that book, and she said she loved it. Yes, I will agree it's rather short, but it's filled to the core with emotion. My stack of books I want to read is getting quite tall. :p

  2. So glad your friend enjoy it, WB! I have the same problem, my TBR pile keeps growing and growing, lol.


  3. Thank you so much for the lovely review, Denyse. You make all the work worthwhile :)

    Love and hugs!


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