Monday, March 21, 2011

GUEST: Susan Palmquist

Talented author Susan Palmquist is my guest today, and she is going to tell us about her sexy new book, Caught in the Act, from Cobblestone Press. She's also agree to give away a copy of the book, too, so leave a comment and an address where we can rach you in case you're the luck winner!

Newly released!

Caught in the Act is the first story in my Brazen Ladies trilogy for Cobblestone Press' Wicked Line. The next story will be Double Her Pleasure and the third, What The Lady Whats. All are set in Regency England and about three women who know exactly what they want from their men and aren't afraid to go after it.

About me, Vanessa Devereaux is the pen name of Susan Palmquist who is the author of A Sterling Affair and Sleeping with Fairies. As Vanessa Devereaux she writes, erotica and erotic romances. Her next novel will be in June and is titled One Night With You, also from Cobblestone. You can check out her two sites at and


“You cannot go to that house.”

I glanced across the table at my brother. I had never seen such fear on his face. His eyes were wide, his jaw tense. He ran his hands through his hair.

“Jon is right. If you were caught, it could mean the gallows for you,” added my father.

“Then I will have to make sure I’m not.”

“But, Nicole, it’s Lord Sandford’s house. You’ve heard the rumors about him?” It was my sister-in-law who now placed her hand on top of mine.

“Who’s to say they are true?”

“I have spoken with women who have…well, you know, have been seduced by him.” My sister-in-law, despite being a married woman, had always been shy about speaking of matters of the flesh.

“Lord Sandford as far as I know has never seduced a woman who wasn’t a willing participant,” I said.

“But, Nicole, there is your reputation…should you be caught seen in his bedroom.”

I have never told my family, but I lost my innocence three years ago and have taken two more lovers since. We are a poor family, and the chances of me marrying a lord or a duke are nonexistent. In fact, the odds of someone making an offer for me are fair at best, so I felt I couldn’t wait to experience sex. I had nothing to lose by being bedded by the first man who showed an interest in me. “It is settled. I shall go to Lord Sandford’s house, break in, and retrieve the pearl necklace.”

“I cannot let you do this,” said my brother, slamming his fist down on the table. “It’s all my fault. I was foolish enough to lose it in that game.”

“And stupid to take the real pearls instead of the replica,” added my father.

An argument was brewing, and that would not help our situation.

“Enough,” I said, slamming my own fist down. “Lady Hornsby will not be calling for her necklace for another two days, so that gives me time to go to Lord Sandford’s house to retrieve it.”

My father and brother both opened their mouths to speak at the same time.

“I will be careful. I will not get caught, and even if I do, I am sure Lord Sandford, with his reputation for members of the opposite sex, can be charmed and sweet talked into looking the other way.”

My father put his hand on top of mine. “You will promise me you will not be foolish enough to allow him to bed you.”

“Of course not, Papa.”



  1. Sounds fantastic! A heroine not scared of losing her reputation!
    This sounds a fabulous start to a trilogy. Wishing you much luck!
    LJ x

  2. Some how I get the feeling that the last line is going to come back and haunt her. lol All three sound great. I like the Brazen Ladies title. Good luck with them Susan!


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