Thursday, March 17, 2011

Waking Maggie - new from CINDY JACKS

Wake up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you... Rod Stewart's immortal song takes on whole new charm with this wonderful new story by hot and sassy author Cindy Jacks! Just released, Waking Maggie is a tale reminiscent of Stewart's classic anthem... The beautiful, mature Maggie and the hot young musician who steals into her heart, and stays... I read this book last night, and I have to say I resented the few intrusions that made me put it down because I was immediately swept into the passion and the sweetness of Cal and Maggie's passionate love for each other. Another easy winner for Cindy Jacks fans, and for anyone looking to read a short, sexy story that will leave you smiling, make you laugh a little, and make you wish you were Maggie, at least a little, then this is a "don't miss" story.

By: Cindy Jacks


Maggie’s just decided she’s been stood up when she bumps into hard-bodied guitarist Calvin—literally. Once the shock of their abrupt meeting wears off, Calvin asks Maggie out for a drink and she figures, why not? She’s all dressed up for a date…just not this one.

She enjoys his company, even if he’s only twenty-seven and she’s forty…something. And while witty conversation’s all good, they’re just as compatible in bed. One drink turns into multiple romps between the sheets. He’s old enough to know how to make love to a woman and young enough to look damn fine doing it…and doing it. He even manages to convince Maggie she’s still pretty hot herself.

Now if he would just stop serenading her with that infernal Rod Stewart song.

Read an excerpt here

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