Saturday, August 06, 2011

Great News and a FABULOUS contest!

First, the very COOL contest. This month a contest at Coffeetime Romance offers you a chance to win a wonderful gift basket of prizes from me. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to enter, and you'll have a chance to win: a copy of MAVERICKS - an erotic romance anthology of four sizzling stories, in paperback. The collection is now out of print, and sells for almost $1000 on Amazon, insane as that is to me! Also, a set of beautiful Jon Paul laminated bookmarks, a satin scarf, and an eBook of your choice from my catalogue. I'm also tossing in a few promo items like a pen and cards! So, drop by and enter.

Currently the #1 Best-Seller at New Dawning Bookfair is my Cinderella tale GLASS SLIPPERS AND JEWELED MASQUES. Sitting at the #5 spot on the top ten is STRANDED! If you drop by the New Dawning site between now and Monday, you can get either title for about $1 in their Mega-Sale!!

Save 40% and more. New Dawning Bookfair's spectacular sale is winding down but you still have until Monday. Buy any available book on the site and with the coupon code 'Bookfair Buddy' receive a 40% discount. If you happen to have selected one of our top ten bestsellers, you will save another 20% as all Top Ten books are 20% off for this sale. Folks, that means you can buy our Top Ten books for less than 50%. Heck, buy them all and Save, Save, Save! Hurry! Time is almost up, so don't miss out.

If you're looking for a fun Yahoo group with benefits to hang your hat give Bookfair Buddies a try!

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