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Welcome XOXO Publishing's hottest writing team!

Meet Chris Almeida and Celelia Aubrey, XoXo Publishing's hottest new writing duo. I met these two earlier in the year, and was very impressed with their dedication, to each other and their writing endeavours. It's a distinct pleasure to see them with the first of their works published now with the Toronto-based small publisher, XoXo. Now, meet these talented and charming authors for yourself, and check out their début titles!

1. How long have you been writing?

Chris ~ I have been writing since I can remember. I used to write children’s stories when I was younger but professionally and as a published author, for about a year.

~ I have been writing as a published author for about a year. Before that much of my writing was for business publications and program materials.have been writing since I can remember. I used to write children’s stories when I was younger but professionally and as a published author, for about a year.

2. How long have you been a published author?

We have just become published authors within the past year.

3. What titles do you have available?

We have two published titles through XOXO Publishing—The Hottest Chapter and Dream Instruction.

4. What made you choose contemporary erotica romance as the subject of these books?

We had been writing Erotic RP storylines before we jumped into contemporary erotica. It was a natural transition. While we appreciate the many paranormal erotica stories out there, we decided to tackle something different and felt comfortable with contemporary stories. We just added a little pinch of spice to it.

5. Do you have any new titles coming soon? Will you be venturing into the area of fiction anytime soon?

Currently we have two works in progress—Countermeasure and To Russia with Love, book 1 and 2 of the Countermeasure series—in which the hero and heroine are immersed in the world of data espionage. They are filled with suspense, mystery and romance. Those two don't yet have a release date but we hope to be announcing it soon.

In addition, (yes we are gluttons for punishment) we have several novellas and shorts in different stages of development.

6. What is your favourite genre and why?

Contemporary Romance with a touch of erotica. Although it is a far cry from the big paranormal market out there today, the erotica aspect of it is as hot and like a piece of chocolate to take you away if just for a little bit.

We do enjoy fact checking and making the scenes and events reflect real and palpable situations but we also enjoy the Paranormal and Science Fiction/Fantasy where the world is your oyster and you can develop it any way you wish without thought as to whether or not your premise is truly feasible. You can create your own world, powers, creatures, characters, etc. without someone going, “Huh?”

7. What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?

Cecilia ~ For me it is the brainstorming session and story outlining with Chris. I love the thoughts and threads that come out of those discussions. They inspire me to get a scene down as a foundation for us to work with or for me to help build from what Chris has laid out. Believe or not, I also enjoy the editing processes. It is hard work but I love seeing it tighten a chapter.

Chris ~ I enjoy each part of the process. From plotting, creating the ARC, character development, fact checking and research and putting the words to paper (or screen). Each part has its own excitement and, for each completed piece, a new sense of accomplishment.

8. If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would you choose and why?

Chris ~ I don't see me NOT co-authoring a book with Cecilia. The NaNoWriMo experience proved my self-worth and creativity exists regardless of our partnership BUT I wouldn't think of writing without her humor and wit to push me through the tough parts.

Cecilia ~ That’s easy. I already have a wonderful co-author that I write with. Chris fills in the gaps in my writing and inspires me to do better. If I’m having a difficult time expressing something, I’ll discuss it with Chris. Our dialog helps me get back on the right track. In essence, we are like two halves of a whole. When put together, the story flows to the page.

9. Where can readers find you on the web?

Chris is the ultimate geek so we are everywhere LOL. You can find us through the following links:


CA Duo Books -

Countermeasureseries -

GoodReads Author Pages:


Chris Almeida -

Cecilia Aubrey -

Authors Facebook Fan Page -

Series Facebook Fan Page -



Thanks so much for being my guest.

Thank you so much for inviting us it is always a pleasure to talk with you Denyse! Here is a little bit about our two published stories and where they can be found. Enjoy!


The Hottest Chapter

Searching for inspiration, Eva sets out to organize her day. Armed with a cup of coffee and her to do list, she knocks out a great deal of work. Stumped on where to take her story, she breaks for lunch. It’s her lunch that gives her the inspiration to open the door into Lily and Jacob’s world. Before she knows it, they take control and she becomes mesmerized by their little game of sensual payback, leaving her hot and needy.

From XOXO publishing store:

From Amazon:

Dream Instruction

After a year of defensive training classes together, Darci Meyer would like nothing better than for Darius Lawrence, her hot instructor, to show the same interest in her that she has in him. Little does she know Darius is finding it difficult to stay in control around her. Will either of them survive the next lesson or will their feelings get the better of them?

From XOXO publishing store:

From Amazon:


  1. Amazing to the both of you. I look forward to read your current creation work of Art. I say that because you have to have a great idea and imagination to put so much into it, of yourselves to make it an art. I love art, painting, drawing and book writing. It brings the characters in the book alive like your own movie playing in front of you. It is one of my favorite thing to say about any book that captures my attention and I stay up all night just about to read it. I won't say Good Luck, you both already are in the writing world a lot long than I have been, even though I have been writing since I was 13yrs old myself but nothing published. So now at 42 I hope to have my 2 submission published and join the family of xoxo. And yes I am working on a few books now along with school, it is a full time job. Makes it hard when I am sick with MS and now with the flu. But I am the type never to give up on my goal that is in my bucket list and I will move on forward till I can't anymore. MS isn't going to stop me, Just Makes me Stronger. Awesome duo... Again congrats. Ana Torres
    twitter: nani1987

  2. Thank you Ana! I am sure you will join us soon :) Keep at it!


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