Thursday, March 15, 2012


Once in awhile someone comes to you and suggests a series of books you've heard about but never had time to investigate. Recently, a friend I love and respect, whose opinions I value, told me to look up Lara Adrian and her books, The Midnight Breed Series. Curious, and the timing was right, I decided that night to make a mass purchase - ten novels and a novella later, I'm buried in the magic of it all. As promised, I was drawn in from the start, and before I was half way through the first compelling and intense novel, Kiss Of Midnight, I was in love with Lucan Thorne and his Warriors. For many of you, you're laughing now because you know already how exceptional this series is, don't you?

So, if you haven't already dropped by to get to know more about these books, get yourself over there now.

Enjoy.... I do!!


  1. I love the Breed! It's a total different take on vampires and I love it! It blends the vampire with Science Fiction and I love the heroines that are strong but are easy enough to relate to. The Midnight Breed Series leaves you wondering...."Why hasn't a movie studio picked these up?" and "Why hasn't a television studios picked them up?" We have so many bad remakes and sequels and right here, here is one great series that would be a huge hit! I can't wait to get Sterling's book!

  2. I just finished book 4. I'm really loving this series so far. Although book 4 is my least favorite. I just couldn't connect with Dylan at all unlike the other Breedmates. I'm curious about the Midnight Breed Group. Although I'm a lot more wary now because of our BDB group that ended sooo badly and abruptly. I've checked out other BDB groups, but they are nothing that really peaks my interest as that group had.
    DeAnna S.


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