Thursday, January 03, 2013

Meet Francene Stanley

I'd like to introduce you to a lovely new author I've discovered. Here's a little bit about Francene Stanley's newest release:

Solstice Publishing

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Music for Still Rock Water:

A review which works better than the blurb:

Liliha has sweetly tolerated her demanding husband for years, decides "Enough!" and sets sail for a new life in England. Free and independent at last--except that Liliha can't help but nurture and care for all the new people in her life, not to mention various strangers from all over the globe who burst into Liliha's mind with life-or-death cries for help. The dizzying scent of lily overcomes her at the most inconvenient times, sweeping Liliha to scenes of imminent danger or despair. Her power apparently comes from a moonstone ring and a past life locked safe from Liliha's memories. Learning the history of the ring will threaten Liliha's prized composure and serenity but leave the reader thirsting for more. Still Rock Water is a whirlwind of sensory delight and mystery, told in spare and poetic prose, with characters so clearly drawn, their humanity rings across the deserts of ancient Egypt, through the annals of time and straight to the reader's heart.
Carol Kean.
Below, please find a brief run-down of my life, which gave me the edge to write Still Rock Water:
Born in Australia, I married young. My husband became depressive, which manifested early in the relationship with jealous rages, and later progressed to bi-polar. Retreating to the small fishing village of Robe after his breakdown, we ran a craft shop and tea room, welcoming tourists to the area. I tried to give constancy and love for 27 years until we split up.
After my divorce I left Australia and moved to London, where I worked as a nanny for a year, travelling around the world with the family I worked for. I met my present husband in London, worked in the catering business for 10 years and travelled extensively. Now retired, I live in a flat beside a strip of cottages, which nestle together along the old Roman road from London to St Albans, backed by riding stables and facing a stand of trees before open fields. Boudicca is said to have fought the last battle of the ancient Britons against the Roman Empire close by.
My stories started out based on my own experience with a bipolar husband and a move to England, although the visions are gleaned from news articles. The story developed into an adventure that went beyond my knowledge and tapped innate wisdom.
Still Rock Water features a spiritual woman living a normal life—except she is whisked away to out-of-body experiences all over the world. My character, Liliha, mimics my life and expresses my optimism in her determination to succeed. She is a strong role-model among women characters with her empowerment to do something about suffering and injustice. The novel illustrates the principle of positive thinking and the trust that things will work out. However, things don't always go as we hope and plan.

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  1. I'm amazed at the speed with which you work and your generous nature, Denyse. Thank you so much for allowing me the space on your beautiful page.

  2. My pleasure, Francene - I hope many new readers get the chance to discover your book!! Hugs, Denyse

  3. Great review of a wonderful book. Spiced with paranormal events, the mysterious plot and beautiful prose make Still Rock Water a captivating read.


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