Sunday, August 11, 2013

Purpose and vision

I wonder how good an idea it is to write blogs while drinking wine? I guess we’re about to find out, aren’t we? Funny how life and death walk hand in hand and so many people cling to one and run in horror from the other… I’m back in a place I never expected to be again, and find myself wondering why death, even the possibility of it, terrifies so many people. I’ve faced it before, several times in fact, and find myself as accepting of an inevitable end as I’ve always been about the wonder of life from day to day.

In the great paradox of our existence, many people forget that without death, there is no life. The two are equal parts of the same presence and power that exists within us all and all around us. Death is rebirth, a transformation or a way to exist on a new level of awareness. New Age mystics have been saying this kind of thing for many years, and some have listened while others have dismissed it as crap. But isn’t death God’s work as much as life is His gift?

Many people are so caught in the small things that define our existence and occupy us throughout each day, the real power and presence of life is often barely a blip on the radar of our consciousness. How many people stop to look around, to see the passion, the pain, the joy, and the hope that motivates people and keeps them seeking to understand? We have become masters of excuses, and denials, we procrastinate daily–but when do we stop and simply look at our lives? Measure the value in what we are giving in return for the privilege of knowing the experience of life?

Why do people only reach out for those they love when their lives are threatened in some way? I am one small voice in a whirlwind as far reaching as the multitudes of souls that inhabit this world we share–but because I’ve faced the darkness inside myself on many levels, and fought battles few people know about–I know myself better than many others know themselves. Love is the greatest force we as humans will ever know, it is equalled and challenged by Fear–all human experience is born in one or the other of these prime motivators. I have loved few people in my life, but I have spoken to them all and given voice to my love for them. If I walked in fear, I would never speak because the possibility of rejection would silence my voice.

At the end of the day, or indeed our lives, how many people will welcome the next cycle of life, and feel that they are leaving with their purpose fulfilled? Think about that, and if your soul and heart is content with what you’ve allowed yourself to experience, smile and know you have achieved a life well lived. But if you have “unfinished business” then do whatever it is you need to do to allow your heart to smile and reach outward. Trust yourself, and your knowledge of what is within you. You are Divine.

The greatest Gift we are all given is the gift of choice and self-awareness. Let your star shine brightly, and your memory be one of love, not fear. All things are as they are meant to be, and while purpose is not always clear, it is always present. Let go, and listen...

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  1. <3 Love you, sister! And pass the wine... April


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