Sunday, March 02, 2014

Deceptive Appearances #SPeekSunday #RomFantasy

A new work in progress, this one is a sensual romance with a hint of espionage and adventure...

Deceptive Appearances

Shaylene stretched until her joints popped and her muscles relaxed. She watched as her studio emptied of stylists, fashion reps, and wardrobe people. The last one out was the breath-taking model himself. Her heart raced in spite of her efforts against it, her gaze not missing any motion Anton Dubova made as he pulled a soft leather jacket over his shoulders and ran his hands through thick, dark hair, putting an hour’s worth of meticulous styling into disarray. Naturally, on him it looked even better this way.

Gathering her courage, she moved before she could change her mind, crossing the distance between them in a few strides.

“Anton?” When he turned to face her, his green eyes fully focused on her, she almost froze. He did this with the camera, too, he looked directly at it and created an intimacy that was almost tangible. She swallowed hard and smiled before speaking again. “Would you like to have a drink, wind down a bit?”

One side of his mouth lifted in a half smile and he shook his head. “I would like to, Shay, but I have a very early call tomorrow and need to get home.”

His voice stroked her nerve endings like a lover’s caress and her knees wobbled just a little. She nodded. “Sure, no problem.”

“Another time,” he said, and touched her hair in a soft gesture before he turned, grabbed his car keys from the table he’d dropped them on earlier, then he was gone.

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