Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Unleash Your Passion @Denysé Bridger #RomFantasy

This is a sneak peek at what I'm working on, my very first wolf shifter story... meet Vasya, a mysterious prince with a dark secret, and a destiny he really doesn't want to meet:


The air on the tundra was cold, the kind of icy that went straight to the bones and froze a body into a state of near coma-like stillness. Soft puffs of living breath rose from the sleeping form, low whimpers of distress occasionally stirred the silence, and shudders of emotion rippled the otherwise motionless presence.

Vasya twisted, his mind's eye forcing vision he did not want to acknowledge. Trapped in the prison of his dreams, he knew there would be no escape until he accepted whatever was struggling to be seen. The part of him that had always been able to detach from emotion watched, calmed the unease, and then the dream was free inside him, unfolding like a movie played out on the screen of his mind.

Haze began to clear, and images coalesced, reaction surged forth. The depth of the hatred spilling into the dreamscape might have been unnerving, but Vasya had long ago learned that this level of rage meant only one thing. Resignation made his heart weary, but it was instantly banished by the stunning beauty of the woman who filled his mind. He shifted, uneasy even while he was drawn to her essence.

Her confusion hit him first, a tremor of reaction that was muted, probably by her efforts to control it, but she was failing in her determination, and rapidly. As he allowed his senses to reach deeper, he touched the first hint of pain that was waking beyond her present awareness. There would be more emotions stirring soon, needs she hadn't permitted herself to acknowledge, but they would all be overshadowed by the agony of what was waiting inside her–if he was correct. Vasya had never been wrong about this particular scent.

Still, something kept him from fully opening to what he was seeing, and bitterly he met his own fear. This was different from other visions, and his pounding heartbeat mocked him for his desire not to know.

© 2014 Denysé Bridger

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